Monday, 12 September 2011

And it ended ( Mazay khatam :/ )

Well today was my first day of a new semester in university after 92 Days of Vacations :/ Would you believe ? I mean it was the 11th June when I had my Last Paper and now on 12th September its again the Hectic routine started.
Summer FUN :D

These exactly 3 months of Vacations were all went in trying to sleep well :P but let me tell you i wasnt successful at all not because I didnt sleep a lot but even I was most of the time on my Bed still i feel the need to sleep more and more lol.

I am so much disappointed that I didnt utilize these vacations to the fullest. But i dont want to emphasize on the fact that i didnt do many many things which i wanted to do errrr :/.

Driving is FUN :D
The brighter side was the Summer went awesome for the fact that I had too many mangoes to eat :D and so many glasses of  Mango Shake with a layer of Comelle on it :D mmm yummy :D I will miss you Mangoes for sure :)

Apart from mangoes , one think I love is to drive :D ofcourse a car :P .. Well it was a summer of ultimate driving lol.. I had drove around 600 or 700 KM's this summer :/ lol

The thing I missed was the Picnic scenes.

Hangouts with friends and get together with old friends were a really cool part of this summer.

Ramadan went brilliant too :D

Inshort one more summer vacations came and went away.


Back to work, school , University :(


  1. congratulations for returning to school/college/uni.
    Now be a good boy to become a learned fellow. And be a national asset but never forget to read my new posts.
    Have fun studying --boy!

  2. drivivng,
    i just love driving on the roads of khi,
    they r like a hell hard roads for driving :P
    wish u good luck for your studies...

  3. i just learned how to drive
    and yeah! it was really fun...
    study hard!!!! ^_^

  4. ahhhhh...... its an absolute FALTU feeling when you realize that you did not utilize your time and then you regret it..! happens with me too..!
    congrats for your new semester and work hard and party harder...!
    the teacher in the last pic is so so so... mmmm probably CUTE..! i hope you don't have teachers like that.. ! :P nnn yes your budday month is becoming all the more popular with my new friends adding to it..!

  5. its okay.. you had nice time :D and the mangoes and the summer and the long drive will miss you too until next year.. time for some slogging with the books I guess.. hope you have a nice time :P :D

  6. Good luck to the teachers :P

  7. 92 days of vacations? That sounds crazy. And I envy you like never before :O and mango shakes too, and much sleep .. Envy envy envy!
    Happy new season to you too. and I miss Eid now. I really need to hit a friend's house and gorge on sewaiya now :O
    And hey, here for the first time, a good, good blog :)

  8. Best of luck!
    Have a Great Semester!

  9. aw!i can totaly connect with this ... been there !!! i felt same one month back ... n im kinda jealous u get nearly three months of vacation.. i get only 2 :\ :P
    n mango shake ... yay!!i love dat

  10. @tariq : Thankyou but i wanted more vacations :P I am a good learner pehle se :p ;) I have read all of them :)

    @ateeq : I also enjoy driving on the roads of Karachi :D they are bloody awesome :) But Roads of Islamabad are X too ;) Thanks boy !

    @Clai : Well awesome then :) I hope you get many lovely long drives :) I cant study hard :P

  11. @suvaiba fatima : hahaha the teachers are not cute by face but they are the way they teach and the level of their leniency :p ;)
    Hahaha I welcome all of your friends ;) more friends adding more presents coming my way ? :P

    @Ananya : See i wrote another post before 30th :P hahah nice word slogging with books :p Thankyou :)

    @Uruj : Hahaha u can say that :P I tease them a lot na ;)

    @crystal : first of all WELCOME TO MY BLOG :) secondly yess the mangoes ' sleep and all those stuff were amazing and i loved them as well :D but we hope more amazing days coming in the future for both of us :D

  12. @Hamza : Thankyou Budddy :)

    @rv sharma :Hehe see i won ;)

  13. Thanks..............شکریہ
    Nice Blog

  14. I can fully relate with how u feel coz my college also started last week after a month of vacation.

    Visiting first time and u have an interesting blog.
    looking forward to more from u !!

  15. @Jyoti Mishra : We all students have many things common ;)

    Welcome to my BLOG :) And Yes I'll be Writing More and more ;)


I am not wearing a Helmet :p