Thursday, 25 August 2011

What Else You Want ??..

Find happiest moment out of all sorrow
The moment when all of your old friends come from different cities for a REUNION to refresh their past memories which most of the time occupied them whenever they miss their school or college lives and the feeling after you had the best of the times with them is worth to what else you want ?

The moment when you wake up for your first day at school 'college or universities and you have everything prepared and lying on a sofa. You rush towards bathroom and get yourself dressed thinking about how it would be ? The feeling of excitement and a bit fear wrap you around...then what else you want ? hmm ?

The moment when you text your loved ones and best friends and you wait for the reply. The feeling of delight in holding on and awaiting come in your heart and when you see your phone vibrating and blinking the feeling of joy encircles what else you want ? hmm ?

The moment when you are driving and it start to rain too heavily ' you immediately close your windows as the rain coming in and hitting you like a bolt and giving you the coldest feeling. The smiles are all around your cheeks and you saw people outside running and rushing. The feeling of cold and mental satisfaction about rain get around you ...then what else you want ? hmm ?

The moment when you are watching a cricket match and its in the last overs. The feeling of worriedness comes to you and you are shivering and your hands asking for Help from ALLAH. "YA ALLAH yeh match jitaday , yA ALLAh ye out karday ya SIX! marday" and when your team won the match you jump and scream and hug. This feeling of celebration and victory is what gives you the best ever what else you want ? hmm ?

The moment when your niece or nephew for the first time call you "MAMA or CHACHA" and they actually recognize you call you. The feeling of blessedness and gladness that you are something of this little thing. In that feeling you took him/her up and kiss them the best you can to give all of your love to them...then what else you want ?  hmm ?

Well the moment you get awesome grades ' the moment you lie on the bed between your parents ' the moment you start to drive the car for the first time ' the moment you love 'give 'cheer' celebrate 'cry 'scream 'enjoy.

Enjoy each and every kind of moment and cherish it.
The moment of passion 'excitement 'motivation' inspiration' pleasure' satisfaction and the moment of millions like this...

When all of us have these moment and feelings in our lives WHAT ELSE WE WANT ?

We don't need anything else. We have enough and our life is so beautiful and filled with complete awesomeness.

Whenever the feeling of sadness or all other feelings related with it try to encompass us' we should think of the best moments we had and i am sure sadness will disappear like it never exists.

Wish you all the best of the moments for your entire life.

P.S ( Sorry for my English. I am in a learning period.)


  1. Wow..this is a very positive and lovely post:):)

    What else I want??? makes me think that I've missed a lot in my life because i've been looking for something that I dont have :(

    Little things like this really MEANS a lot

    love you post

  2. What else do you want :]

    The texting things is so right :D and reunions are seriously the moments of cherish :]

  3. @ the other side of me :

    :) It usually happens.When you run for somehting you want you dont get it most of the times so whatever we get we should cherish it. May be the one which we get is the one which we wanted too.

    Thank you for Loving the post :)


    Yes these are truely the moments to cherish and every little thing too :)

  4. Well there are many such moments in life that pass by without being recognized and you successfully jot down some of the precious ones out of them. :)

    A great one, indeed. :D

  5. Good post dedicated to personal feelings.
    feelings are said to be the name of the game.

    ****All your sensors work to give you negative or positive feelings.
    --You feel blessed when you feel good and when you feel good you feel blessed.
    Take care and keep up your good work.

    BTW, don't forget to make me feel good with your pleasant visit to my web page.

  6. absolutely beautiful!

    straight from the heart!:)

  7. @KN :
    Yes there are countless of them. THANKYOU :D :D

    Exactly its all about being positive always and that gives you the moments like these :)
    I will surely visit it. THANKYOU SO MUCH :D

  8. @Mahnoor :
    :) Thankyou !!

    Yes straight from the heart :)

    THANK YOU my new follower :)

  9. Awesome post! :D

    Thanks for the follow. Followed you back.

  10. There are different ways of defining the word "Friends". The most common and the believable definition is "Friends are awesome!"
    Nice post.

  11. Indeed they are awesome :)

    Thankyou :) and welcome to my blog :)

  12. @ IMAD,
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    However, you missed the latest post.
    Are you planning to join my site?

  13. Please get that positiveness rub off on me. :) I need it badly man. May you have more inspiring days ahead. InshaaAllah.

  14. Haha Sure i"ll be writing only about the positiveness which we are lacking in us :)


    And thanks for following :)

  15. @Tariq

    really ? Ok i"ll check again. And i have followed you there !

  16. =) haEy I gOt sUcha nYch dada .. !! wOt ElsE i waN .. !!
    awEshUm .. =P

  17. Makhx : Aww haha and i got sucha lovely patakha ;)
    Thankyou :)

    Rv'sharma : THANKYOU :D


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