Monday, 22 August 2011

Expectations I Hate. (Need a Break from this)

How about a life without expectations ?    
      ( MAZA HI AJAYE :P )

Well most of the time you get angry and  make a mess of your mood when this "expectations" come to play the part in your life.

Whether its you are expecting or someone is expecting from you , both ways I HATE IT..

Let me tell you it actually ruins your relationships and it could be any relation.

I wanted to do everything for my relationships, to make them the Best relations with my friends, siblings, parents or anyone.

But i don't want them as my "DUTY" or something which is compulsory for me or even anyone else to be best with me :/

Purity and truthfulness in relations fades away when you do anything just because you know Expectations are there.

I love doing good to people :D , helping them...

And if i sometimes i never able to do then PLEEEEEEAASE !!(Feel the intensity :p ) understand by yourself and i hate to explain it everytime :/

and this sentence that

" I every time does this and that but LOOK AT YOU ?..Excuse me i didnt said you to do it all the time and then expect the same ? If you can do it all the time then it means you have the ability to do :D and if in return you are recieving less then accept that the other person has this much ability only.

It will make you more happier (Like this :D :D :D ...see my teeth are always brushed :D) rather than any kind of MESS you make with your relations.

Expect less or i"ll say dont Expect and you will see the result.

(P.S : I am a very happy man :D and i love it. Tension tou lene ka hi nai :P. Just kicking out an obstacle that ruins your time in fighting and arguing, which could have been utilized in more of your memorable moments :) )


  1. Hahaha. We always have contradictions on this subject so i will just shut myself up. :P

    But you're right, sometimes expectations of others ruin the fun of life.

    Good one! :D

  2. I am Glad you like :)


  3. Hey happy man

    Nice post and oh yes life is a gift when u expect nothing..a very thoughtful looking forward for me

    take care

  4. Yes indeed :D

    Thankyou :) and yeah i have seen your blog its too good :)

  5. One thing is there for sure and that is:
    If don't expect, you never are sad.

  6. hay rEallY a nIcH One ...!!!
    i fOllOw bIt dIff tHIng bUh it leads to the same eNd .. !!!
    ExPecT aNytHiNg fRom aNy One ... !!!
    this makes u mORe attNtve U Knw .. !!!
    bUh as i sD the samE fIn ... !!!
    iT was a nych One .. !! lIkes ... !!!
    kEep UPh ..!!!

  7. Sometimes it's not the expectations that ruin it. It's the inability to fulfill a responsibility. Responsibility is an obligatory expectation and if you fail at that, that's really gonna ruin everything. Normal expectations can be explained and understood. But simply put, if you really are concerned about someone, you will give time to them, no questions asked.

  8. You are right Aasiyah in regard that ofcourse responsibilities are a separate thing. I am not mixing it with expectations.

    You got to have a balance. And if you cant maintain then Leave expecting.

    Ofcourse Hating Expectations doesnt mean you dont value relations. You value them and you give them time but it should not be as a duty 'it should be naturally always :)

  9. Mahrukh : Hahah the other way round is interesting too :p

    Thankyou :)

  10. u dont strt off any relationship wid a major xpectation; despite dat aftr a point it sets in. but can u fr certain tell d day or time wen d transition happened?
    nobody can. den hw cn u say dat xpectations ought not to b der at all wen u hav absolutely no control over it? :)

  11. You have mentioned the same point which i wrote by yourself. Exaclty when you dont know the transition period and how the things go awesomely when your relation is building , At that time you never expected anything and that results in perfect days but as soon as you realize that OH these are the things must be there and for any reason that things are not fulfilled by your partner then every shit started to happen.

    Ofcourse i am not denying that expectations cant be there but this WORD expectations are turned out to be a negative one now. I said EXPECT LESS and that will help always.


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