Monday, 29 August 2011

Once upon a time we "danced" like this :P

Well if you are bored then you can watch this :D

Call it Anything 'nonsense ' Shughal ' Ootpatang ' notankeee 'Bongee attempt BuH itS  A danCing' Memory foR us....EnjoY !!.:)



  1. Video unavailable... :)
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  2. ROFL ;) wow the latkas,jhatkas,nagin dance...ufff sub kuch tu hai ismain :)
    How about u guys try a lollywood item number like the one that comes on me its gonna be HUGE!!!! :)great stuff.keep rock n rolling :)

  3. Hahahaha You enjoyed it ? :D I am glad to hear :D

    Hahahah we have tried everything dont worry and we are far forward then Lollywood :p

    Thankyou :D :D

  4. I was bored so I watched it. Hahahahahahahha. XD

    EPIC yaar!

  5. @Maryam.A

    :D thankyou ;)


    Haha :D Thankyou :D

  6. Ha-Ha.
    Cool. I want to see you guys dancing on Sheela. =D
    Nice Blog, followed.

  7. Hahahah this was a total random thing out of nowhere we started dancing that day :p

    Sheela and munni stuff need nudity and we may not be able to add them :p

    Thankyou for following bro :)


I am not wearing a Helmet :p