Friday, 19 August 2011

How we will proud to be a Pakistani?

I am thinking to write on it for many days after i have been observing the people of Pakistan with their frustration and their remarks such as:

"Isse acha hota Pakistan banta hi na India k sath rehlete tou aj  kahan hote"
"Mien tou forun bhagun yahan se when i"ll finish my studies" 

and all other related harsh and heart breaking comments against Pakistan and her politicians.

Well politicians are chosen by us.

Why we have given them votes if they are such bad people? 

The problem and issue doesn’t lie only with politicians but the real problem we are having within us (the whole nation) is that we are ready to blame and criticize always. As if we are paid to do that or as it complete our duty of being a Pakistani.

Let’s not forget a nation is something which comprises of its people, otherwise it’s a bare piece of land which has of no importance.
If something or I would say everything going wrong in this country then STOP!"I am not stopping you from doing anything I am stopping you from criticizing anyone before you look upon yourself. Ask yourself isn’t it because we all including me are the culprits? Isn’t the way we think and the things we are doing has lead to do whatever has happened.

I know you people would be thinking “Humne KIA kiya ha: /" or "Hum tou aesa kuch nai karte".
No, of course we are not involved in bombings, we were not there at that Sialkot incident, and we are not doing target killings.

For sure we are not doing any such things but why there conspiracies are evolving against Pakistan? Why every sort of enemy is planning against us and their PLANS are working? Why?
And why there is no help from ALLAH?

Because the only reason is we have left the true teachings of ISLAM. We have left the way of our Beloved PROPHET (S.A.W.W). We don’t obey what ALLAH has said and we obey everyone else.
You have expectations from your closed ones. Similarly it’s our duty to Obey Allah and He expects us that we should ask from Him only because He is the only one who can award you and give you everything. It’s as simple!

Now when we are not into that correct path this is what happens. Flood, Earthquake, Bombings, Corruption, Load shedding, Injustice and every sort of thing from which we all are like what’s happening?
It’s all because of our deeds. It’s a warning from Allah again and again. 

Let me tell you, we are such a beautiful nation firstly because we are Muslims and secondly because we are Pakistanis.
Now how we can come back to that track? This is very simple.
We should be very regular to our prayers (NAMAZ).

Prayer is the way you can talk to ALLAH. You can ask for forgiveness and you can really pray that everything should settle down and here we go Insha Allah we will have a wonderland as Pakistan.
We should bow down and Ask for forgiveness as much as we can.

Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W said:
"ALLAH the Almighty Said:
"O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind.

O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you.

O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as it"
(At-Tirmidhi also by Ahmad ibn Hanbal).

Because it’s ALLAH on whose COMMANDS everything happens and it’s in HIS Power to change ‘to bring the change, the change we all wanted here in PAKISTAN.
I can bet you guys once all we get regular to our basic pillars of ISLAM. This Nation will rose to its heights. This Nation will be a source of inspiration to other Muslim Countries.

Every one of us knows about the basics of Islam but we don’t follow.
Five times prayer the most important, then Zakat to solve the problem of poverty and all other pillars.
There must be accurate justice I repeat complete justice and truthfulness in our every act.

One more important Concept we need to develop that is lacking in almost every one of us now-a-days.
The concept behind our KALMA (LA ILAHA ILLALLA MUHAMMAD DUR RASOOL ALLAH - There is no god but ALLAH and Muhammad S.A.W.W is the prophet of ALLAH)
Now you all must be wondering that what concept I am trying to give because each one of us already knows about Kalma and its meaning.
 But most of us don’t know the CONCEPT behind it.

In this we made promise to Allah that
"O Allah we shall follow you ONLY. And it’s your Commands through which everything can happen and nothing can happen if you don’t want it to happen. And the way of Prophet (S.A.W.W) is the only way of SUCCESS and all other ways will lead us to nowhere neither in this world nor in life hereafter."
Now how many of us are really following and have both these concepts? We all need to follow this and the success would be ours. It’s guaranteed.

When one cricket match makes the entire nation united and we start to pray and ask from ALLAH. We see we see that it’s actually ALLAH is with us. We can feel it. Then why not we consult HIM for our everyday routine work and problem we faced?
He is the BEST HELPER for sure.

To be very simple we should not do whatever has ALLAH and his Prophet (S.A.W.W) has abstrain us from doing.Now what Allah and his Prophet (S.A.W.W) said is what we need to learn it from QURAN and SUNNAH.

Pakistan was created on the basis of Islam and it demands True Muslims to live in it.

From The day we will become TRUE Muslims, I am sure we will be proud Pakistanis by then.

(P.S:This is my first ever writing.Sorry for the length of the article as the issue demands some explanation :) .I would prefer your promises for refresher of our basic concept of Tauheed and to live for getting back our Pakistan which was created on the basis of Islam then the appreciation for my blog. May Allah bless us all Ameen.)


  1. To be honest, i liked reading it all, but when you talked about justice, exactly which sphere of life requires justice, and if so, how can we as youth of Pakistan, ensure it?

    We vote, and we vote from our will. But don't you think sometimes the money-voting ruins the actually deserved on to come on the aisle?

    And if to stop money voting, then how can we? It their money and they badly need to read this article cause, i agree we have forgotten our values, cause ruler has. For the nation is ruled by a the one extraordinary, and we know who is OUR extraordinary.

    I felt the article from deep inside. I think asking for forgiveness to God can change the world and its whole perspective.

    For the first writing, it was more than true and amazing!

    Keep writing and be patient. :)

  2. Ofcourse the Voting issues are there because at the end of the day even its not free fare voting or elections.

    Most of the part of Pakistan is covered by Rural areas where people apart from having no knowledge of the world they have even very little knowledge about ISLAM.

    When you start to follow the right path which is basically fulfilling your Islamic Obligations then it would be naturally pure justice everywhere because people will respect moral values. They will know if they will involved in any kind of unjustice they will be punished by ALLAH. Making these concepts will invoke Fear of ALLAH in ourselves that will help in solving almost all the issues. :)

    Ofcourse the system has to be corrected by us but these are all possible when we as a human being and as a muslim will be pure and true to our selves 'our nation and our Allah Almighty :)

  3. a truly enlightning and well researched article...:)
    i myself have recently written for freedom...feel free to drop by my blog anytime:)
    em ur new follower btw...hope you follow bak:)

  4. Thank you so much :)

    This is amazing then I hope we both contribute towards the betterment of Pakistan through our words atleast :)


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