Sunday, 18 November 2012

Frustrated Phase of Life ?

Life is going through a phase where I feel everyone of us goes through that. The phase where you get frustrated easily?  The phase where you don't find a balance? Why cant we decide our own path?

The race of getting your career right. The pressure from your parents to get your grades right always and so that you could be successful. Do really these things decide that the world will respect you when you would study hard and earn a lot of money? I do work hard and I know what things do interest me. I become passionate about those and I do give others a real competition in that. Does working hard is not enough? Whether you achieve or not may be its not in our hands? or it really is?

I am not finding a lot of answers these days. I am in a phase of my life where I find difficult to get balance between my parents' friends ' the one I love and my career. Shifting yourself more on one of these would cause other ones to hit you back?

Why on earth people don't have the built in function to motivate you? We do talk a lot about feeling others feelings or what they might have been thinking or going through a process. But seriously we do only TALK about it and we actually don't feel.

The frustration doesn't end here. Why cant we know early and before choosing our career or making a career that who is that person with you have to live your whole life? You do meet a lot of people in life and you do get real serious about someone without knowing where the future would lead us? Why cant we just get someone and keep them with us in the path for our career or goals so that you could get your whole focus on that particular goal, knowing that you would never going to lose that person anyway and that person being the real source of motivation for you.

Suddenly life takes a turn within that path and try to take that away from us without knowing may be you would fall down? Getting great motivating and loving people in your life is real difficult let me tell you this.
Life does that so that we could remain in that race forever.

I thought i would write about motivating others through this blog and I never thought I would write about frustration so soon.

P.S I miss you guys. I really miss you guys.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

When Everything Goes your Way !!...

 Hello everyone ! I know i am a once a in a blue moon kind of blogger.But seriously I cant help it because i have been into intense activities and plus my this semesters NOT SO GOOD schedule where I remain in uni for almost 12 hours everyday.

The two things that i am missing because of this all happening are :

1.BLOGGING :( ..I wanted to write so much and about so many things but i am not geting time plus i wanted

to read all your awesome posts and blogs and i couldnt be able to...

2.STUDIES :P..I actually want to study as this semester is going nowhere :/ I mean difficult subjects that demands time to get pass those :p ..I hope I get time for it too lol..Actually after so many classes you dont really want to study at home too :/...You dont feel like doing that..

Apart from these two EVERYTHING is going mY way :D :D And I am Extremely Glad and Happy :)

First i had an awesomatic Birthday :D  then a lot of cash was coming my way and finding place in my pocket and wallet :p and when you find around 600 rupees from the pocket of your old jeans aaahhh :D
The feeling when you get a lots of Cash out of nowhere :p

And then my hands start itching to spend them all in a waste as soon as i can :/ that's a biggest problem i have. Man i cant be a good Finance manager that's why i chose engineering and then i found non technicality in myself as well :p So umm its OK As long as i am passing all those subjects :D

Well I am new and a beginner designer I always say this to myself :) And i designed some posters and made some videos for my university's final year students NGO called as YOUTH FOR PEACE :) And Guyz i cant tell you the feeling you get when your designed posters are posted in different uni's :D Its Posted in LSE (Lahore school of economics and NUML and NUST ) :) So anyone from there can see those :D and others can visit my page and you will find there too :D

Then NUST(Em a NUSTian for all those who didnt knew :p ) is planning to have a Model United nations of it for the first time ALL PAKISTAN :) And I being the part of External relations team of it. Man all the work has to be done by this team :/..Well we are excited and we are on the way :D Its in january 2012 :D

For All Pakistani students I must say you all have to come in NUMUN 2012 :)

Then we had a Welcome few days back in our uni and i Hosted and anchored the show :D Well let me show you how i looked anchoring the show :p
MEEEEEEEE :D Anchoring the show ;)

This was an EPIC night. And Guess what i was the organizer too and i have been selected as a Executive Member in Students Society of My university. :D Man without an interview :D When all of them are selected as an interview and you are the only one which is selected by them by their own :D Cant describe you the feeling :D
The clip of the mail i got after coming back from Welcome :D

There are some planned hangouts with my friends in the near future and lot many offers to me as an IEEE photographer and blah blah :D Will update you all about that too.

For now Thankyou for reading my stuff and I rushed towards your Blogs for reading it :D

P.S : I'll be 5 blog awards next weekend :D this was i planned to give on 30th sep(on my bday) but i couldnt able to give. Hold your hearts all of you :p

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Desires mostly Unfulfilled...

First of all a big HELLO to all of you because its been a hell lot of time I am here and writing something.

Thanks to this ALL BUSY SCHEDULE of the University and apart from it I am actually hell busy in Designing stuff.

Before going to write about the topic i mentioned, Man I wanted to share this that Its been two weeks after your never ending vacations ended :P and I have no idea whats delicious or Snacky things there in my house kitchen and Fridge Actually :/ .. What a lovely vacations just passed where at night or late night :p I am mostly found there in kitchen with head all in the fridge finding Lovely Food to Eat :D and actually making new kind of sandwiches aaahhh... Miss you food because I just eat now a days for the sake of satisfying my tummy that something is in there now Thank God and back to work. :/

Well let me take you to my utmost DESIRE of  LIFE. And it was to be there in the ground and play infront of thousands of people cheering and motivating you by taking your name and with the feeling you start to run towards the batsman and aiming his stumps to root of with a mighty fastest delivery that crushes into his feets. MAN I cant tell you how much  I desired to become a cricketer and infact a Fastest Bowler :)

My love for this game is unbelievable. I m mad about it and actually My name suggests about my madness for anything i start to love :p You can see "I + MAD" = IMAD :p ;)
When I was in 7th Class. I took in a Cricket Academy where every other guy was a GIANT to me seriously but they treat me so special because i was the smallest thing there catching and throwing balls and sometimes my favourite straight drive that I played in Nets to my nets Fastest bowler and my Dad and coach standing there whispered WHAT A SHOT :D :D ...I was only 14 by age then. I had to leave that academy because of some Family problems at that time and i regret now :/

But you can never underestimate my Fast bowling. I love to bowl Fast and I love to Bowl YORKERS.

Whenever I play in grounds or somewhere with friends or cousins. I always take wickets which are mostly Clean Bowled.

I had posters in my Room beside the wall of my Bed. Ofcourse they were of Cricketers not of MEGAN FOX :P

Many a times in my dreams I saw me playing A real Cricket match with Afridi and ofcourse in the playing eleven of Pakistan team. In my intentional dreams I call it my Imagination I Imagined of what not... From Hitting 6 SIXES on Six balls , taking Unbelievable catches and making batsman walk back to pavilion by bowling them BOWLED.

I use to Play inside my Home in living room, Bed rooms, drawing rooms and on the roof with a bottle and a ball ofcourse... I used to bowl and then come and Play a short with constant running commentary and in English ofcourse. I was awesome in English always when in describing about Cricket and its terminologies.

I was never ashamed of playing like this ALONE. And its not enough with the things from perfumes , hand brush , markers, pens, all the tools and many more. I lied all of them on the carpet with ground like scene in which all of them are on their fielding positions and two of them on the pitch to start batting. This match is usually played with the cap of the Pepsi Fanta bottle :p...I remember the Only Cup at that time my Sister had in her exams It was my Afridi on those matches :p because it could hit that cap out and in other rooms even with the open doors :p And my lil Sister always Like "MAT UTHAYA KARO MERA CUP" :P

HAHAHAH GOD there is so much I did for this game :D I love watching it playing it and discussing it.

But some of the Desires and wishes remain unfulfilled. Its the only desire and the game which i want to see it in Heavens too so that i could fulfill it by playing there :D :D :D :)

 I would like you all to listen my friend Fahad's Song titled as "DESIRE" on the following link :

And from tomorrow Happy Birthweek to me :p

Monday, 12 September 2011

And it ended ( Mazay khatam :/ )

Well today was my first day of a new semester in university after 92 Days of Vacations :/ Would you believe ? I mean it was the 11th June when I had my Last Paper and now on 12th September its again the Hectic routine started.
Summer FUN :D

These exactly 3 months of Vacations were all went in trying to sleep well :P but let me tell you i wasnt successful at all not because I didnt sleep a lot but even I was most of the time on my Bed still i feel the need to sleep more and more lol.

I am so much disappointed that I didnt utilize these vacations to the fullest. But i dont want to emphasize on the fact that i didnt do many many things which i wanted to do errrr :/.

Driving is FUN :D
The brighter side was the Summer went awesome for the fact that I had too many mangoes to eat :D and so many glasses of  Mango Shake with a layer of Comelle on it :D mmm yummy :D I will miss you Mangoes for sure :)

Apart from mangoes , one think I love is to drive :D ofcourse a car :P .. Well it was a summer of ultimate driving lol.. I had drove around 600 or 700 KM's this summer :/ lol

The thing I missed was the Picnic scenes.

Hangouts with friends and get together with old friends were a really cool part of this summer.

Ramadan went brilliant too :D

Inshort one more summer vacations came and went away.


Back to work, school , University :(

Monday, 5 September 2011


September <3
Well its the 5th of september and exaclty 4 days after i am writing something on this blog.

You people must be wondering where i was ? :P Han na ? :D

Well thank you for MISSING ME :') :P

You can say i was busy in EID stuff but more importantly i was all over in the excitement of this month :D I call it September ;)

The only month i wait for like HELL :D Yes of course It's the month when someone very dashing and handsome with a cherry on the cake that it came with a perfect blend of uniqueness and smartness everywhere in ofcourse (His personality) :P :D ,came to this World :P (SHUKER KARO SUB :) :P )

Okay Okay I"ll not make you people wait so much in telling his name :)


Well this is my BIRTH MONTH HURRAY !!

That is the other thing that i dont get many presents or surprises but still I wait for this Day :D when even you feel that everything is so perfect out there and you wonder why? then in some nano seconds you realize ! OH BUDDY its your day MAN :D Its your BIRTHDAY :) !

:D :D :D

Its on 30th of September every year :p (ofcourse everyone has on the same date every year :/)

But somehow I feel sometimes that it must be around 14 or 15 not because i dont like the NUMBER 30 but because its the Last day of the MONTH and Guess what everyone's Pocket is COMPLETELY empty like they all are :/...BUT I LOVE THE FACT THAT MY STAR IS LIBRA :D :D So i am happy being born on 30th :p

And everyone say "YOUR GIFT IS DUE :D You will get it Later" and that Later never comes unfortunately.

Wait let me check is mien kia ha :P

Two Very Important people of my Life has their Birthdays in this month too and it makes this month More Much awaited one

Every year. :)

One's Birthday just Passed. It was on 4th HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER.

And other one's coming on 20th.

WISH ME ALL THE BEST :P (For I get loads of Presents Bhai ofcourse :D )

Enjoy your Birthdays to the fullest. ONE DAY WHICH IS TOTALLY BELONG TO YOU AND YOU OWN IT :D

P.S (You all can send me Gifts too :P and TCS and OCS prices are same somehow you can choose any to send :P )

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Shughal Vs Tafreeh !!..

I lived in Karachi too and i have been living in Rawalpindi presently. The concepts and thinking between the people living in Karachi and Punjab ( I"ll call all punjabis) for each other is sometimes very disgusting and give you the sense of so much Rift between them.

I can even call this feeling of them for each other as HATRED.

When the people had fun in Karachi and they enjoy 'laugh they say it "Tafreeh" and when the people living in Punjab had these moments they say it "Shughal" ( Well when i first came to rwp i came to know exaclty whats shughal is :/ lol :P ) and believe me there is no difference at all in enjoying and laughing at both the places :D Its the FUN which counts at the end of the day.

Similarly there are many such words ' phrases 'acts which are spoken and done differently but there is not a single difference when it comes to the exact meaning of it :)

Karachi : Khabar(graveyard) , Kheema etc ( Its the "Kh" that produces the sound of "Nuktey wala kaaf" Urdu letter that has "kha" sound too in it)

Punjab : Kabar , Keema etc ( Its the "Ka" sound that they produce for the same letter of Urdu)

Now they both make fun of each other providing there own reasons. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL ? Grow up think of something for betterment of relations and unity rather than so much into all these.

Karachi : They sleep late and you can find any shop and anything lately at night.

Punjab : Most of the times they sleep early (In rural areas i would say) And there shops closes earlier than in Karachi.

Now they will make fun You people are owls :P and in reply they will say you people are backward :P Hahaha i mean COME ON :D

Stop it and move on.
Karachi : Its a city of Lights and surely lot of things happen in Karachi ( I am talking about their HAALAAT)

Punjab : Its a very peaceful province ' Rather i would say its the PEACE in its atmosphere not a very Fast Life as compared to Karachi.

Now they both will argue that "Pata nai karachi mien log kese rehte hain everytime Firing and havoc situation"..and from karachi side you"ll hear " People living in Punjab are Zombies and its a place like a graveyard, So much silence and boring place"...Haha I mean I dont understand what is the benefit in fighting like this ?

There are numerous numerous issues and things you will find and they fight on that hence these small issues created a BIG GAP and feeling of discomfort and Hatred for each other.

I have observed the people of both the places and that lead me to write it all.

I am being specifically Mahajir but Pakistani and as a neutral person who have been at both the places can really tell you people that BELIEVE ME living in both the Places are AWESOME :)

THERE ARE NO DIFFERENCES AMONG US. We have created those by ourselves. Take it as that WE HAVE A RICH CULTURE :D The diversity is not the differences For GOD SAKE. Its our beauty and we should love all of it :)

I will request all Punjabis' Sindhis' Pakhtoons'balochis' Mahajirs etc Please Be PAKISTANIS and continue the Sense of Brotherhood and Unity even after this EID :) and For God Sake Move on NOW !

As in Eid you get Unity all around without any Place Issues. I hope we maintain this all the year. :)

By the way "Eid Mubarak to all of you" :)

Monday, 29 August 2011

Once upon a time we "danced" like this :P

Well if you are bored then you can watch this :D

Call it Anything 'nonsense ' Shughal ' Ootpatang ' notankeee 'Bongee attempt BuH itS  A danCing' Memory foR us....EnjoY !!.:)



What about a Pleasure that has never been given so much attention and we never used any praising words for it and i feel bad about that :/

I mean that's INJUSTICE !

Life is full of pleasures and satisfactions..

but still...ANY GUESSES what pleasure i"ll be discussing about??

ANYONE ? hm ?

"Haar maan li kia ?"

I knew it I knew it ...No one can guess it..:D :D :D

Ladies and Gentlemen ..

The pleasure which is always been neglected is the pleasure you get after doing your SHIT o_o ;) :P

Why we hate discussing it ? We should give the credit where due :P ...

btw "Ahh maza agaya "  YES YES these are the words which come out of my mouth as soon as i flush :P

one thing i would love to share , I 'my brothers and my "MAMU" whenever we four happen to be there at the same time The most Hot topic we discuss is all about SHIT :D ;)..

In our imaginative world we have created our own Corporation about shit and we have different posts in it too :p ' and lastly we have also invented our very own instrument as PCI :P and its description as "PAKHANA/PotY checking instrument :P " well this was on totally random basis :P

Even doing shit has less pleasure than in discussing shit ;) and the best one is discussing about its Liquid FORM :P (well i seriously dont know what should i call it in English but in urdu its quite obvious "Patli POTi " :D )

So first you "POOOOOnnnn" And then you "BOOOOOOOOOm" and the shit all over inside your CoMode :P ( Well i prefer comode :/)

Poor Guy :P the way it depends if you have eaten a food like chart or you over eated any food then it always causes stomach problems that will lead the shit to convert in its liquid form and sometimes its better because it comes out quickly without applying any further pressure :P

As soon as the splash of a water is there inside comode ' You are successfull in doing shit and congratulations now you have been feeling as light as you never been :D ...

Ask the pleasure of this from the people who are the patients of Constipation ' i mean seriously ' I am glad i never had such kind of problems :D

I"ll agree its the smell of it which causes many votes against it :/ but still you always have an option of air freshner :D

I just had my time of doing shit and ofcourse its the Paratha and KEEMA AALOO i had in sehri that had to come out. And i am feeling the best ever abhi :D THOUGHT TO SHARE THIS FEELING WITH YOU :D See how good i am :)

Btw my blog is all about motivation and inspiration and i always give a message at the end so this time i"ll follow the trend


End with a little cracker :
Hahahah XD


Sunday, 28 August 2011


Yea I DID it :D I am Unique ;)
Who you are ?

You are UNIQUE :)

How ?

Because you have those number of talents and powers that ALLAH has Gifted you.

There is a factor that makes your talents unique from others and everybody has that factor.

Na na ! Wait dont think you are not unique because everyone is unique in its own way :) but many of us doesnt explore that uniqueness factor that we all have.

It could be your values 'It could be the way you think ' the way you observe ' the way you love ' the way you explore things ' the way you adopt things ' the way you do any sort of thing and it could be unique , Believe me :)

Like the way you LOOK by face is always different from others. Similarly there are several hidden things that are unique in yourself and YOU GOTA EXPLORE IT BABY !!...

Why every SUPER HERO is different from other ? You can see SPIDER MAN does not have the power SUPER MAN Has 'Because they have different talents but they can do the same thing using those powers and that is KICKING ON THE ASSES OF ALL THE EVILS ..

This time victory is only mine.

Do not always wish to be like "SOMEONE" or copy "SOMEONE" rather get inspiration from the principles and attitude of that person which will help you in identifying that unique factor in your ownself and you will become a person that others will wish to follow :D

Yes ofcourse many people can have the same talents but there will always be some uniqueness in everyone's talent :D

Like Wasim Akram has no match with Imran Khan and vice versa but they had the same talent of "BOWLING FAST" in cricket and they are bloody LEGENDS of their times yet they are unique in their own way :)

But Wasim Akram used to follow Imran Khan and he followed the enthusiasm 'the hard work 'the commitement and you can see the result.

Aisam ul Haq Qureshi Can never be like Rafael Nadal but He is an awesome player in his own way that he can even beat Nadal.

If everyone would have been EXACLTY 100 % same ' No body could beat the other and no body could lose or win.

The conclusion is never lose hope ' never think you are inferior and STAND UP ! Explore your talents and give your devotion and commitments in polishing those talents that will lead you to the heights of success.

Each one of us is "ASHRAFUL MAKHLOOKAAT"(the best of Creation) and hence We all can achieve anything :D .

And always Be Thankful to ALLAH for it .

Friday, 26 August 2011


Well i am going to tell you all about  all those friends i treasure. The people who mean the world to me.

(ATTENTION : Its a very lengthy post, because i have narrated almost everything i had with my friends and what i feel about them. My friends should not look for their NAMES in it :p Please read it and you will automatically find yourself :D. For others You can all read it in many episodes :p no objection on that )

Moment of the LIFE <3

HERE WE GO !!...

1. We both met in 8th class in SLS(our school) for the first time. We start to get along a bit at the end of that year and the Awesomeness of LAST TWO years of my school life was all because of this man. We kinda ruled the school in those years. Specially the teachers staff :P. And the reason for this was not at all STUDIES :P. With due respect it was all because of our STUPID 'FUNNY And "Inteha kisam k CHEHCHORAY" SKITS \PLAYS that we used to do in morning assembly. He is the boy whose not even any single thing makes me angry or fed up. Even if he barks(in chehchorapana sense) :P I LOVE HIM :D.I still remember man How you come to school like so neatly dressed'doesnt buy bachon ki tarhan UNIFORM From only UNIFORM Shops rather he stichted them from his own tailor and use to wear them in style in the days when "HUMIEN TOU KANGI bhi Sai tarhan nai karni ati thi Bhaiya :P "He is more like a brother of mine.His sense of humour is outclass <3. Yes the very smart Ass 'beautiful Singer and exceptionally handsome boy SYED MUGHEES SAFDAR :D and he calls him S.M.S :P. LOVE YOU MAN !

2. We both met in 7th class for the first time and i still remember your first day at school and how me and sidra teased the HELL OUT OF YOU :P that like typical students you said "Ab tang kiya na teacher ko batadungi :P ". Well our start was awesome at first but turned to be controversial very quickly because of some Extreme nonsense ;). Then again we became friends' a very good one and again it turned out to be LIKE REAL ENEMIES :P (btw tum tou kha jati mujhe in those days :P ). Well after when we left school We both become BEST FRIENDS would you people believe ? (Haan aap sbse hi kehrha hun o_0 ). Girl you always encouraged 'supported and congratulated me on my every achievement. She is the friend to worth at your good plus bad times. The very sweetest' having a lovely voice and always bearing the bestest smile YES JAVERIA RAZA. Love you loads.

3.We both met in 9th class for the first time and i didnt knew at that time that a person is coming in my life who will become one of the most important persons of my life. Yeah you come with a different uniform in our class on your first day. You seem to be very parhakuu ofcourse with the attitude you came and "CHAKKAY churadiye sbkay in grades :/". Still i beat you that time :P and never ever able to beat you again uptill now :/. Let me tell you all she was with us for 2 months hardly and she left the school but still manage to find the place in our hearts. Our friendship grows on "ORKUT" the only reason i cherish orkut days still. Would you people imagine we used to scrap each other 50'50 in one go :O. You were always there to keep my spirits high and remained the source of motivation and inspiration for me. I cherish each n every moment with you. Yes the very talented 'unique and a girl with a Great IQ and the sense of humour, KOMAL NADEEM. Love you loads.

4.We both met in 1st year at college. Our introduction to each other started by asking "TUM ORKUT/FACEBOOK per ho ? " :P. And i think he gave his Email ID then. In first few days he used to sit pata nai kahan and i used to sit somewhere too :p. But We find eachother because It was destined for us to be FRIENDS and for whole of our lives. Well with this man , mughees and  junaid(another gem of my life will discuss about him later) my journey of college life started and ended with a BLAST OF MEMORIES :D. Boy i will never forget the days  we used to chat in the class at the backseat and we discuss "Har kisam ka masla :D starting from girls and ending with them too unfortunately :P ). Our notankian 'chehchorapan and everything was awesome. He always come to the college with a perfect style of hanging his bag and bearing the cutest smile of any GUY i have ever seen :D. His sense of humour and the way to talk to everybody is just worth to have. A perfect supporter and a perfect adviser. Yes the very awesome singer , handsome and truely an ideal person, FAHAD KHAN. Love you Man !

5.We both met in 8th class.She came new to the school and used to sit with sidra and infront of me and nazim that is how we started our journey for friendship. In every class on every topic we laughed' teased and once again "Chehchorapan kiya" :P.As time passed she became a very important HELPER of mine in issues regarding "AHEM AHEM " :P She knows it ;). A message conveyor :P because of her ability to convince ;).(Love you for that :P ). The most memorable moment of us was our skitt in which she became my mother and i her "NA FARMAAN BACHA " :P and let me tell you it was a big hit, with her DYING wali acting was super awesome. Pata nai kitni dair tak mari pari rahi stage per till turab completed his poem from the background :P. She became famous and why not because she acted with me (Already famous actor at that time :P ). We had enormous memories which remind us about eachother.SHe is the  most SENSE wali bandi i have ever seen. And again a great sense of humour (As my most of the friends have).THe most noticable feature of her is her Height and i am sure she is proud of it. ;). YES the very classy ' Cheeti and one of the most awesome bandi, AMAMA LODHI. Love you loads.

6.We both met in 1st year in college. I had seen him before in my academy but never talked with him then. But in college i found him and i feel lucky for that :D. We get along with each other because He told me He likes someone OOOPS :P and then afterwards YOUR SOLDIERS were on their way for you :p...'I like always like the way he rides his bike and he most of the times dropped me home :D Muuaah ;). What ever problem i get i called him and say "Yaaar idhr chalega udher chalega ? ' And he is like" Janu abhi aya ;)" hahahaha. His sesky hair style and his famous goti style is always worth to watch ;). Always bearing so innocence on his face. Our hangouts' our memories are serioulsy i cherish always. You are a friend to worth man. YES the very handsome 'Most stylish and a guy with perfect dressing sense, JUNAID RAFIQUE. Love you MAN !.

7. We both met in 6th class and for that reason she is one of my very oldest friend. I dont remember itna about how we were in 6th but we start to share our secrets in 7th class ;)..We used to laugh and enjoy with other partner sidra ;)..I remember i taught her how to tie the knot of a tie :D (Seekhi k nai abi tak ? hain ? ). Then i remember how we with other friends too used to garam garam samosas in rainy seasons :D. Our famous skit in which she became our teacher and that was a big too !. Well our sessions of that Quiz competition remember ? .. She and me at the end was there to be asked one question each and that would decide whether she or i will participate in inter SLS quiz competition. Well i still remember she gave the correct answer and i being a totally fool n confused gave a wrong answer :/. Haha and i was the monitor too at that time. You asked me the bagde of mine for that competition :P as the other two (Nooria and Afifa) with you in the team were monitors too :P. Well she is the most  good looking and good spoken girl. Always helped me. Hangouts at your place and your presence at get togethers are the best times. YES the very fabulous, lovely and the winner of "Lady of the day at farewell" , RIDA MARIAM. Love you loads.

8.We both met around in 7th or 8th. She is been one of the best mates who was there for me everytime. I get along with her because she used to take 2nd position in the class and i being the poor guy never able to beat her :/. The studies were the reason we started talking and then she helped in some issues too ;) ;)... I always remember her famous way of coming to school by holding a book close to her as if she is wraping her arm around it and hanging the bag on other shoulder ;). Her smile and the way she enjoys every moment was worth to watch.I thank you for always helping me and never making me feel that you will hesitate in helping. YES the very innocent face wali ' choti si and perfect student, SABA WAHEED. Love you loads.

9.We both met in 6th class and i know you for the first time because of your devotion to studies and seeing you at the stage taking position every year and wondering MIEN KAB LUNGA ? :P. Well she is girl who is very unique in her own way. Her way to deal everything and her  vision towards everything is crystal clear and very determined.I remember the election days with you. The trips on which we all used to go. Well from 9th class i always see you like taking first position and i am taking 3rd , knew at that time i will never able to beat you :P. You owe me so much girl. Your presence there with us in school life make it more memorable. YES the very smart , Simple and a perfect person to follow, AFIFA KHAN. Love you loads.

10.We both knew each other since 4th class but never talked at that time :p but its the longest i knew any one in my friends is her. :) We became friends from 8th class and she being very lively and friendly get along easily with all of us. She is very simple and very true towards her friends. She never really hurt anyone and always give you so much importance that you can feel your highness. YES the very reliable and the most sweet one, KOMAL KHAN. Love you loads.

11. We both know each other since 8th class. He is been a perfect fellow. I remember all of my memories with you man in the form of the plays we did and our shughal in rehersing those skitts. You always helped me. I remember that Your "BUGTI" wala character :P which nearly made burst of laughter around the whole school and with a tragic ending :P. One thing i like about you is your friendliness. YES a very talented actor and perfect individual, TURAB HUSSAIN. Love you MAN !

12. Well our introduction to each other was quite like a fairytale :p. We both meet up through MSN ;) and later on we became like we know each other since we born :). I remember our silly stupid talks and you are always a source of HAPPINESS for me :D. Our memorable meet ups ;) ALL OUR SECRETS :P. She always supported me encouraged me. She always let me feel that i have all the abilities and i can reach to any heights. She remained true to me everytime. I always enjoy your company and your way of narrating and telling everything. YES the very cutest and the girl with the most beautiful heart, AMNA JAWED. Love you loads :)

 13. We both met in 1st year and first time through the play we did of SAAS and SUSAR :P. Hahah it was hillarious. Then later on we proved to be quite well friends :). I call her PATAKHA :P as she is little si but dont go on her size, she can speak and stop you from speaking the hell out of :P. She is a great debator too and she respects and care her friends. I remember all of the good times we with other friends during college life. Yes the very "KIDU PIDU :p" and the most cutest of all, MAHRUKH YOUSAF. Love you loads.


14. We both met in 8th class and we became friends when i stopped him from studying :P.  He used to read the course books even after our school gets over everyday. Then he came under the influence of me and mughees :P And his bad days started haahahha. Well a very talented guy and a lefty ofcourse. With his goals and visions very broad. He is the friend to worth. YES the very Ambitious and a cute guy, KAMRAN AFZAL. Love you loads.

L-R " Fahad ' Me 'Mughees and Junaid

(P.S: Numbering doesnt tell you the preference or priority of my friends. THEY ALL ARE EQUALLY AWESOME <3 :). WOULD LOVED TO SEE YOUR COMMENTS and here is a LIKE BOX Too :P )