Monday, 29 August 2011


What about a Pleasure that has never been given so much attention and we never used any praising words for it and i feel bad about that :/

I mean that's INJUSTICE !

Life is full of pleasures and satisfactions..

but still...ANY GUESSES what pleasure i"ll be discussing about??

ANYONE ? hm ?

"Haar maan li kia ?"

I knew it I knew it ...No one can guess it..:D :D :D

Ladies and Gentlemen ..

The pleasure which is always been neglected is the pleasure you get after doing your SHIT o_o ;) :P

Why we hate discussing it ? We should give the credit where due :P ...

btw "Ahh maza agaya "  YES YES these are the words which come out of my mouth as soon as i flush :P

one thing i would love to share , I 'my brothers and my "MAMU" whenever we four happen to be there at the same time The most Hot topic we discuss is all about SHIT :D ;)..

In our imaginative world we have created our own Corporation about shit and we have different posts in it too :p ' and lastly we have also invented our very own instrument as PCI :P and its description as "PAKHANA/PotY checking instrument :P " well this was on totally random basis :P

Even doing shit has less pleasure than in discussing shit ;) and the best one is discussing about its Liquid FORM :P (well i seriously dont know what should i call it in English but in urdu its quite obvious "Patli POTi " :D )

So first you "POOOOOnnnn" And then you "BOOOOOOOOOm" and the shit all over inside your CoMode :P ( Well i prefer comode :/)

Poor Guy :P the way it depends if you have eaten a food like chart or you over eated any food then it always causes stomach problems that will lead the shit to convert in its liquid form and sometimes its better because it comes out quickly without applying any further pressure :P

As soon as the splash of a water is there inside comode ' You are successfull in doing shit and congratulations now you have been feeling as light as you never been :D ...

Ask the pleasure of this from the people who are the patients of Constipation ' i mean seriously ' I am glad i never had such kind of problems :D

I"ll agree its the smell of it which causes many votes against it :/ but still you always have an option of air freshner :D

I just had my time of doing shit and ofcourse its the Paratha and KEEMA AALOO i had in sehri that had to come out. And i am feeling the best ever abhi :D THOUGHT TO SHARE THIS FEELING WITH YOU :D See how good i am :)

Btw my blog is all about motivation and inspiration and i always give a message at the end so this time i"ll follow the trend


End with a little cracker :
Hahahah XD



  1. hahahahhahaha, dude, u really surprised the shit out of me :P
    u know what, my thinking center is my washroom, i can solve the world's issue there :P
    following u dude

  2. You are now motivating others to feel satisfied after you are done with your toilet.
    BTW: They already are; but stay just short of confession.
    However, your sense of smell is adorable.
    What a smelly TRY buddy followed by your accomplishment in your grades at NUST.
    ******ZAAHIR HAI bhai, you can think much better now about what's next!
    Congratulation for your true love of nature's call.
    Baqi tou saarey nashukray hee sahi.

  3. @ateeq
    Hahhaahha exaclty i get genius of the ideas in washroom :P and the place where can i text sabse itminaaan se :P

    Between Welcome to my BLOG :)


    Hahahah XD ,Between this time its all upon them whether they get motivated or not :P. Haha you are right :P and between thankyou ;)

  4. first of all "ewwwwww" really gross but yet a very interesting read :)neva though that someone wld actually give this 'thing' a thought...a corporation wow :)

    ps: following u even after feeling so v pukish...great post *runs to the loo*

  5. Hahahaha XD i am glad to see a girl commenting after reading it :P otherwise they all would have run away without bothering anything :p

    You can have a look at other posts too :p

    Between Welcome to my BLOG :)

    And Thankyou !

  6. hahaha ewwwwwww grosssss....:P....that was the most disgusting post i have ever read...but then again i must was very thoughtful of you...:P
    nice post!
    following u definitly:)

  7. omg. i never knew one could get so much out of such a random thing :P
    disgustingly awesome ;-)

  8. @the floodgate of feelings

    Hahahah btw its my normal practice to discuss about it :p ' Yea you need to put efforts in writing it too :p

    Thankyou so much for following and reading my posts always :)

  9. @mahnoor

    Hahaha Btw its a very important thing :P

    Haha Thankyou :D :D :D

    This was hilarious! Shit dude, this post is shit awesome!
    Okay, so what if I'm a girl and I think its awesome. :P (Stereotypical thinking REALLY gets to me! -.- )

    I mean, I love the way you thought of such an innovative topic. Shit! :P

    I followed you back! ^_^

  11. Hahahahaha You loved it means YOU ARE AWESOME ;)

    Thankyou So much :D :D :D


I am not wearing a Helmet :p