Monday, 5 September 2011


September <3
Well its the 5th of september and exaclty 4 days after i am writing something on this blog.

You people must be wondering where i was ? :P Han na ? :D

Well thank you for MISSING ME :') :P

You can say i was busy in EID stuff but more importantly i was all over in the excitement of this month :D I call it September ;)

The only month i wait for like HELL :D Yes of course It's the month when someone very dashing and handsome with a cherry on the cake that it came with a perfect blend of uniqueness and smartness everywhere in ofcourse (His personality) :P :D ,came to this World :P (SHUKER KARO SUB :) :P )

Okay Okay I"ll not make you people wait so much in telling his name :)


Well this is my BIRTH MONTH HURRAY !!

That is the other thing that i dont get many presents or surprises but still I wait for this Day :D when even you feel that everything is so perfect out there and you wonder why? then in some nano seconds you realize ! OH BUDDY its your day MAN :D Its your BIRTHDAY :) !

:D :D :D

Its on 30th of September every year :p (ofcourse everyone has on the same date every year :/)

But somehow I feel sometimes that it must be around 14 or 15 not because i dont like the NUMBER 30 but because its the Last day of the MONTH and Guess what everyone's Pocket is COMPLETELY empty like they all are :/...BUT I LOVE THE FACT THAT MY STAR IS LIBRA :D :D So i am happy being born on 30th :p

And everyone say "YOUR GIFT IS DUE :D You will get it Later" and that Later never comes unfortunately.

Wait let me check is mien kia ha :P

Two Very Important people of my Life has their Birthdays in this month too and it makes this month More Much awaited one

Every year. :)

One's Birthday just Passed. It was on 4th HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER.

And other one's coming on 20th.

WISH ME ALL THE BEST :P (For I get loads of Presents Bhai ofcourse :D )

Enjoy your Birthdays to the fullest. ONE DAY WHICH IS TOTALLY BELONG TO YOU AND YOU OWN IT :D

P.S (You all can send me Gifts too :P and TCS and OCS prices are same somehow you can choose any to send :P )


  1. Mine birthday on 24 September... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  2. oyeee!!! Happy birth month Imad!!! :D :D a very good friend of mine share the same birth date as yours.. :D have tons of cake and get really really fat okay?!! ;D

  3. advance happy birthday ..!!! i want some cake ! :P ;)

  4. advance happy birthday =D

    mine was in august :P and this time, it turned me 20. dammmnn :P

  5. my sis and dad just had they birday on the 1 and 2 september :)wish one of them was born in the later dates cuz there is just one libra i cousin who is not even 10.glad that u were born on 30 cuz finally now i know two libras :)
    Happy birthday to u in advance :)

    I have recently written a post on september borns

    do tell me am i right about the septemberians :)

  6. I'm a Virgo. And once I bought a cup with a virgo sign and it had a Naked Girl holding a rose. LoLWut.

    I wish I was a Virgo :') - Oh wait - I already em. WEEEWWW -

    Well HAppy Birthday to you.

  7. September is just beautiful.

    One of my favorite month too :)

    Very happy birthday in advance. :D
    May you get tonnes of presents ;)

    my two brothers share the same month ..!
    njoy and party hard...!
    may you get all what you deserve and desire ..!
    have a blast or blast those you ruin your happniess :P


  9. @Asma : Wow. thats great, Just 1 din se you entered in Libra's Life ;) Happy Birth month to you :)

    @Ananya : Really ? Thats a perfect coincidence then ;) Then you surely know how awesome your friend is :P and me too :P..Hahah Yea only the cake will not make me fat, I had to have chicken broast , pizza with lots of cheese ofcourse and many tasty piece of food :p

    @Rv* sharma : Thankyou for the wish already :D ' Yes Yes you will get the cake and i am expecting a perfect present then :P ?

  10. Dont forget 20th ka surprise.

  11. @Mahnoor : It was before or after i came to blogging world ? I came on 18th august. :p

    Well Happy very belated Birthday :D and tch tch feel sorry for you that you left your teenage now ;) I have couple of weeks still left ;) I'll be 20 on 30 :P

    @Kiran : Well i am glad to know now you have another Libra added to your KNOW PEOPLE list ;) Yes i read what you wrote and its perfectly agreed :) Thankyou for the wish :D :D

    @Daniyal : Hahaha i think that naked girl is a sign of virgo ? isnt it ? :P Haha Yea cheez everyone must be proud of what they are :D :D
    Welcome to my Blog and dont forget to follow ;)
    Thankyou for the wish :D

  12. @sunakshi : Hain na ? :D September is beautiful :)

    Thankyou so much for the wish :)

    @suvaiba fatima ahmed : Hahah you must be proud of your brothers then :P ..Hahah thankyou ofcourse i'll blast all of them who'l ruin it ;) dont worry and thankyou for the wonderful wish in advance :)

  13. @KN : Ofcourse I'll not but what with you ? Stay Away because i was talking about the person who has a birthday on 20th and not you :P

  14. haha!! ofcrse ..!!! ;) only if cake is yum !!! :P

  15. sab choro, aap party kab or kahan de rahey ho,
    na sunney ki aadat nai he,
    or aap mana karna nai :P

  16. Awww at your blog :)


  17. Haha. Enjoy your birthday. Well, I am sure you will be. :)

  18. @RV Sharma : haha dont worry about the cake :p Aakhir meri bday ka hoga tou it wud be Yummy ofccourse ;) You jusst start planning abt wat u have to do ;p

    @Ateeq : Come to islamabad buddy ;p with a present ofcourse :P

    @Hamza : Thankyou BOY :D :D

    @Tariq : Thankyew tariq bhai :)

  19. @AL : first of all WELCOME to my blog :) :) secondly thanks foh the AWWW :p and lastly thankyou fir the wish in Advance :D :D :D and Hi five my star mate ;)

    @Zeba : Welcome to u too to my Blog :) And thankyou for the wish , Yes i'll try to enjoy it the best :D :D

  20. AHA! A fellow Libran! *Awesomeness*

    BTW, Love your clicks.
    I am a sucker for photography too. :D

  21. Are you gonna make your next post on 30th?? :D *kidding* :D tc!

  22. Birthdays are supposed to be amazing.
    Have an amazing one!

  23. @Koyna : You are a LIBRAN too ? :D Thats even more amazing :)

    Oh you are the first one who noticed those clicks :D Thankyou so MUCH <3

    Welcome to my blog :)

    @Ananya : Hahahah No i@ll rest on 30th :p will wait for all of you to write for me :p

    @Godess of Awesomness : THANKYOU :)

    @Uruj : I hope it will be amazing one more time too :)


I am not wearing a Helmet :p