Sunday, 18 November 2012

Frustrated Phase of Life ?

Life is going through a phase where I feel everyone of us goes through that. The phase where you get frustrated easily?  The phase where you don't find a balance? Why cant we decide our own path?

The race of getting your career right. The pressure from your parents to get your grades right always and so that you could be successful. Do really these things decide that the world will respect you when you would study hard and earn a lot of money? I do work hard and I know what things do interest me. I become passionate about those and I do give others a real competition in that. Does working hard is not enough? Whether you achieve or not may be its not in our hands? or it really is?

I am not finding a lot of answers these days. I am in a phase of my life where I find difficult to get balance between my parents' friends ' the one I love and my career. Shifting yourself more on one of these would cause other ones to hit you back?

Why on earth people don't have the built in function to motivate you? We do talk a lot about feeling others feelings or what they might have been thinking or going through a process. But seriously we do only TALK about it and we actually don't feel.

The frustration doesn't end here. Why cant we know early and before choosing our career or making a career that who is that person with you have to live your whole life? You do meet a lot of people in life and you do get real serious about someone without knowing where the future would lead us? Why cant we just get someone and keep them with us in the path for our career or goals so that you could get your whole focus on that particular goal, knowing that you would never going to lose that person anyway and that person being the real source of motivation for you.

Suddenly life takes a turn within that path and try to take that away from us without knowing may be you would fall down? Getting great motivating and loving people in your life is real difficult let me tell you this.
Life does that so that we could remain in that race forever.

I thought i would write about motivating others through this blog and I never thought I would write about frustration so soon.

P.S I miss you guys. I really miss you guys.