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Well i am going to tell you all about  all those friends i treasure. The people who mean the world to me.

(ATTENTION : Its a very lengthy post, because i have narrated almost everything i had with my friends and what i feel about them. My friends should not look for their NAMES in it :p Please read it and you will automatically find yourself :D. For others You can all read it in many episodes :p no objection on that )

Moment of the LIFE <3

HERE WE GO !!...

1. We both met in 8th class in SLS(our school) for the first time. We start to get along a bit at the end of that year and the Awesomeness of LAST TWO years of my school life was all because of this man. We kinda ruled the school in those years. Specially the teachers staff :P. And the reason for this was not at all STUDIES :P. With due respect it was all because of our STUPID 'FUNNY And "Inteha kisam k CHEHCHORAY" SKITS \PLAYS that we used to do in morning assembly. He is the boy whose not even any single thing makes me angry or fed up. Even if he barks(in chehchorapana sense) :P I LOVE HIM :D.I still remember man How you come to school like so neatly dressed'doesnt buy bachon ki tarhan UNIFORM From only UNIFORM Shops rather he stichted them from his own tailor and use to wear them in style in the days when "HUMIEN TOU KANGI bhi Sai tarhan nai karni ati thi Bhaiya :P "He is more like a brother of mine.His sense of humour is outclass <3. Yes the very smart Ass 'beautiful Singer and exceptionally handsome boy SYED MUGHEES SAFDAR :D and he calls him S.M.S :P. LOVE YOU MAN !

2. We both met in 7th class for the first time and i still remember your first day at school and how me and sidra teased the HELL OUT OF YOU :P that like typical students you said "Ab tang kiya na teacher ko batadungi :P ". Well our start was awesome at first but turned to be controversial very quickly because of some Extreme nonsense ;). Then again we became friends' a very good one and again it turned out to be LIKE REAL ENEMIES :P (btw tum tou kha jati mujhe in those days :P ). Well after when we left school We both become BEST FRIENDS would you people believe ? (Haan aap sbse hi kehrha hun o_0 ). Girl you always encouraged 'supported and congratulated me on my every achievement. She is the friend to worth at your good plus bad times. The very sweetest' having a lovely voice and always bearing the bestest smile YES JAVERIA RAZA. Love you loads.

3.We both met in 9th class for the first time and i didnt knew at that time that a person is coming in my life who will become one of the most important persons of my life. Yeah you come with a different uniform in our class on your first day. You seem to be very parhakuu ofcourse with the attitude you came and "CHAKKAY churadiye sbkay in grades :/". Still i beat you that time :P and never ever able to beat you again uptill now :/. Let me tell you all she was with us for 2 months hardly and she left the school but still manage to find the place in our hearts. Our friendship grows on "ORKUT" the only reason i cherish orkut days still. Would you people imagine we used to scrap each other 50'50 in one go :O. You were always there to keep my spirits high and remained the source of motivation and inspiration for me. I cherish each n every moment with you. Yes the very talented 'unique and a girl with a Great IQ and the sense of humour, KOMAL NADEEM. Love you loads.

4.We both met in 1st year at college. Our introduction to each other started by asking "TUM ORKUT/FACEBOOK per ho ? " :P. And i think he gave his Email ID then. In first few days he used to sit pata nai kahan and i used to sit somewhere too :p. But We find eachother because It was destined for us to be FRIENDS and for whole of our lives. Well with this man , mughees and  junaid(another gem of my life will discuss about him later) my journey of college life started and ended with a BLAST OF MEMORIES :D. Boy i will never forget the days  we used to chat in the class at the backseat and we discuss "Har kisam ka masla :D starting from girls and ending with them too unfortunately :P ). Our notankian 'chehchorapan and everything was awesome. He always come to the college with a perfect style of hanging his bag and bearing the cutest smile of any GUY i have ever seen :D. His sense of humour and the way to talk to everybody is just worth to have. A perfect supporter and a perfect adviser. Yes the very awesome singer , handsome and truely an ideal person, FAHAD KHAN. Love you Man !

5.We both met in 8th class.She came new to the school and used to sit with sidra and infront of me and nazim that is how we started our journey for friendship. In every class on every topic we laughed' teased and once again "Chehchorapan kiya" :P.As time passed she became a very important HELPER of mine in issues regarding "AHEM AHEM " :P She knows it ;). A message conveyor :P because of her ability to convince ;).(Love you for that :P ). The most memorable moment of us was our skitt in which she became my mother and i her "NA FARMAAN BACHA " :P and let me tell you it was a big hit, with her DYING wali acting was super awesome. Pata nai kitni dair tak mari pari rahi stage per till turab completed his poem from the background :P. She became famous and why not because she acted with me (Already famous actor at that time :P ). We had enormous memories which remind us about eachother.SHe is the  most SENSE wali bandi i have ever seen. And again a great sense of humour (As my most of the friends have).THe most noticable feature of her is her Height and i am sure she is proud of it. ;). YES the very classy ' Cheeti and one of the most awesome bandi, AMAMA LODHI. Love you loads.

6.We both met in 1st year in college. I had seen him before in my academy but never talked with him then. But in college i found him and i feel lucky for that :D. We get along with each other because He told me He likes someone OOOPS :P and then afterwards YOUR SOLDIERS were on their way for you :p...'I like always like the way he rides his bike and he most of the times dropped me home :D Muuaah ;). What ever problem i get i called him and say "Yaaar idhr chalega udher chalega ? ' And he is like" Janu abhi aya ;)" hahahaha. His sesky hair style and his famous goti style is always worth to watch ;). Always bearing so innocence on his face. Our hangouts' our memories are serioulsy i cherish always. You are a friend to worth man. YES the very handsome 'Most stylish and a guy with perfect dressing sense, JUNAID RAFIQUE. Love you MAN !.

7. We both met in 6th class and for that reason she is one of my very oldest friend. I dont remember itna about how we were in 6th but we start to share our secrets in 7th class ;)..We used to laugh and enjoy with other partner sidra ;)..I remember i taught her how to tie the knot of a tie :D (Seekhi k nai abi tak ? hain ? ). Then i remember how we with other friends too used to garam garam samosas in rainy seasons :D. Our famous skit in which she became our teacher and that was a big too !. Well our sessions of that Quiz competition remember ? .. She and me at the end was there to be asked one question each and that would decide whether she or i will participate in inter SLS quiz competition. Well i still remember she gave the correct answer and i being a totally fool n confused gave a wrong answer :/. Haha and i was the monitor too at that time. You asked me the bagde of mine for that competition :P as the other two (Nooria and Afifa) with you in the team were monitors too :P. Well she is the most  good looking and good spoken girl. Always helped me. Hangouts at your place and your presence at get togethers are the best times. YES the very fabulous, lovely and the winner of "Lady of the day at farewell" , RIDA MARIAM. Love you loads.

8.We both met around in 7th or 8th. She is been one of the best mates who was there for me everytime. I get along with her because she used to take 2nd position in the class and i being the poor guy never able to beat her :/. The studies were the reason we started talking and then she helped in some issues too ;) ;)... I always remember her famous way of coming to school by holding a book close to her as if she is wraping her arm around it and hanging the bag on other shoulder ;). Her smile and the way she enjoys every moment was worth to watch.I thank you for always helping me and never making me feel that you will hesitate in helping. YES the very innocent face wali ' choti si and perfect student, SABA WAHEED. Love you loads.

9.We both met in 6th class and i know you for the first time because of your devotion to studies and seeing you at the stage taking position every year and wondering MIEN KAB LUNGA ? :P. Well she is girl who is very unique in her own way. Her way to deal everything and her  vision towards everything is crystal clear and very determined.I remember the election days with you. The trips on which we all used to go. Well from 9th class i always see you like taking first position and i am taking 3rd , knew at that time i will never able to beat you :P. You owe me so much girl. Your presence there with us in school life make it more memorable. YES the very smart , Simple and a perfect person to follow, AFIFA KHAN. Love you loads.

10.We both knew each other since 4th class but never talked at that time :p but its the longest i knew any one in my friends is her. :) We became friends from 8th class and she being very lively and friendly get along easily with all of us. She is very simple and very true towards her friends. She never really hurt anyone and always give you so much importance that you can feel your highness. YES the very reliable and the most sweet one, KOMAL KHAN. Love you loads.

11. We both know each other since 8th class. He is been a perfect fellow. I remember all of my memories with you man in the form of the plays we did and our shughal in rehersing those skitts. You always helped me. I remember that Your "BUGTI" wala character :P which nearly made burst of laughter around the whole school and with a tragic ending :P. One thing i like about you is your friendliness. YES a very talented actor and perfect individual, TURAB HUSSAIN. Love you MAN !

12. Well our introduction to each other was quite like a fairytale :p. We both meet up through MSN ;) and later on we became like we know each other since we born :). I remember our silly stupid talks and you are always a source of HAPPINESS for me :D. Our memorable meet ups ;) ALL OUR SECRETS :P. She always supported me encouraged me. She always let me feel that i have all the abilities and i can reach to any heights. She remained true to me everytime. I always enjoy your company and your way of narrating and telling everything. YES the very cutest and the girl with the most beautiful heart, AMNA JAWED. Love you loads :)

 13. We both met in 1st year and first time through the play we did of SAAS and SUSAR :P. Hahah it was hillarious. Then later on we proved to be quite well friends :). I call her PATAKHA :P as she is little si but dont go on her size, she can speak and stop you from speaking the hell out of :P. She is a great debator too and she respects and care her friends. I remember all of the good times we with other friends during college life. Yes the very "KIDU PIDU :p" and the most cutest of all, MAHRUKH YOUSAF. Love you loads.


14. We both met in 8th class and we became friends when i stopped him from studying :P.  He used to read the course books even after our school gets over everyday. Then he came under the influence of me and mughees :P And his bad days started haahahha. Well a very talented guy and a lefty ofcourse. With his goals and visions very broad. He is the friend to worth. YES the very Ambitious and a cute guy, KAMRAN AFZAL. Love you loads.

L-R " Fahad ' Me 'Mughees and Junaid

(P.S: Numbering doesnt tell you the preference or priority of my friends. THEY ALL ARE EQUALLY AWESOME <3 :). WOULD LOVED TO SEE YOUR COMMENTS and here is a LIKE BOX Too :P )


  1. AaWwW I have nO wOrds sErioUsly itS mOre than awEsoMe. . :D You beautifuLly wrote alL your smalL meMories in This one biG post, it was like am watChing a mOvie oN yOur life uptil now, aAlah ♥ After reAding it I was like eEeEeEeE :D :D :D
    "LIKES" (Infinity) ;) I loved it Go. . :p hahaha Our Secrets ;)

  2. janay man love you loads .. too adn secondly .. i m blessed nowt only for this that ... ALLAh made us frnds but ...!!! more thn frnds actually .. keep on rocking da world !!! mujhay bhool kar jana kidher hai tu nay!!!!

  3. aUuuwww OMG ... iTs sO pUrfEcT ...nOht paRtIcUlaRly taWkIng abut mYne ... bUh yeaH aS a wHloe iT rOkEd JIG ... !!! iTs sHo cHOouul ...!!!
    i jUst lOved iT sImpLY ... !!! suPbUb ...!!!
    tHIs daY u jUsT maDe mE InToooo ua wRiTing .... !!! lOvE ya bOt jada jada dada .,.. !!! =P maH bSTiee... !!<3

  4. how filmi u r bhanjay :).....

  5. Aj : ThAnkyOuu Soo mUchhh :) Yes we have countless secrets ;) <3

    Turab :hahaha yea buddy love you :)

    @Mahrukh : Hahahah patakha u also write so guDH k parhA nai jata first baar mien :P.. Thankyou for loving this :) U ma bestiee too !!

  6. @ Deepeyes..Hahah bhanjay ? :P Who are you ? :P

  7. aahahha hUnh u kI To .. =P

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    BTW good chronogical CV of friendship/love

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