Sunday, 25 September 2011

Desires mostly Unfulfilled...

First of all a big HELLO to all of you because its been a hell lot of time I am here and writing something.

Thanks to this ALL BUSY SCHEDULE of the University and apart from it I am actually hell busy in Designing stuff.

Before going to write about the topic i mentioned, Man I wanted to share this that Its been two weeks after your never ending vacations ended :P and I have no idea whats delicious or Snacky things there in my house kitchen and Fridge Actually :/ .. What a lovely vacations just passed where at night or late night :p I am mostly found there in kitchen with head all in the fridge finding Lovely Food to Eat :D and actually making new kind of sandwiches aaahhh... Miss you food because I just eat now a days for the sake of satisfying my tummy that something is in there now Thank God and back to work. :/

Well let me take you to my utmost DESIRE of  LIFE. And it was to be there in the ground and play infront of thousands of people cheering and motivating you by taking your name and with the feeling you start to run towards the batsman and aiming his stumps to root of with a mighty fastest delivery that crushes into his feets. MAN I cant tell you how much  I desired to become a cricketer and infact a Fastest Bowler :)

My love for this game is unbelievable. I m mad about it and actually My name suggests about my madness for anything i start to love :p You can see "I + MAD" = IMAD :p ;)
When I was in 7th Class. I took in a Cricket Academy where every other guy was a GIANT to me seriously but they treat me so special because i was the smallest thing there catching and throwing balls and sometimes my favourite straight drive that I played in Nets to my nets Fastest bowler and my Dad and coach standing there whispered WHAT A SHOT :D :D ...I was only 14 by age then. I had to leave that academy because of some Family problems at that time and i regret now :/

But you can never underestimate my Fast bowling. I love to bowl Fast and I love to Bowl YORKERS.

Whenever I play in grounds or somewhere with friends or cousins. I always take wickets which are mostly Clean Bowled.

I had posters in my Room beside the wall of my Bed. Ofcourse they were of Cricketers not of MEGAN FOX :P

Many a times in my dreams I saw me playing A real Cricket match with Afridi and ofcourse in the playing eleven of Pakistan team. In my intentional dreams I call it my Imagination I Imagined of what not... From Hitting 6 SIXES on Six balls , taking Unbelievable catches and making batsman walk back to pavilion by bowling them BOWLED.

I use to Play inside my Home in living room, Bed rooms, drawing rooms and on the roof with a bottle and a ball ofcourse... I used to bowl and then come and Play a short with constant running commentary and in English ofcourse. I was awesome in English always when in describing about Cricket and its terminologies.

I was never ashamed of playing like this ALONE. And its not enough with the things from perfumes , hand brush , markers, pens, all the tools and many more. I lied all of them on the carpet with ground like scene in which all of them are on their fielding positions and two of them on the pitch to start batting. This match is usually played with the cap of the Pepsi Fanta bottle :p...I remember the Only Cup at that time my Sister had in her exams It was my Afridi on those matches :p because it could hit that cap out and in other rooms even with the open doors :p And my lil Sister always Like "MAT UTHAYA KARO MERA CUP" :P

HAHAHAH GOD there is so much I did for this game :D I love watching it playing it and discussing it.

But some of the Desires and wishes remain unfulfilled. Its the only desire and the game which i want to see it in Heavens too so that i could fulfill it by playing there :D :D :D :)

 I would like you all to listen my friend Fahad's Song titled as "DESIRE" on the following link :

And from tomorrow Happy Birthweek to me :p


  1. true few/many desires remain unfulfilled... and its better to let go( as everyone says :P)

    I guess cricket is a game which connects many hearts !!

    Nice read...

  2. Megan Fox ki yaad dilaadi bewajaaah! Dafaa ho jao tum -_-
    And lol I assumed the whole love-for-cricket thingie from **XYZ Bouncers Bowled at me. ;)
    and wah wah, you are the fifth boy i know whose room is covered wall to wall with posters. And uf, Afridi ! Kya bey Imaaad, aache aache logon ke khwaab matt dikhao mujhae. :@
    Inshallah, Engineer/nerd/maggu I will see Imaaadi crying instead of Shahid Afridi when Pak loses to India LOLHAHAHAHAH ;) Just being mean babaaa.. I wish to see my fraand playing and bowling a super effing crazy ball and then getting the wicket of the wickedest Indian batsmen! (Tendulkar, you wish. Nahi milega samjhe? :P)
    Aurrrrr, we all have these insane desires bud. Who knows waisae ;)

  3. And aye, I heard the song. Tell Fahad it is very beautiful! :)

  4. Dreaming is inexpensive way of having your desires fulfilled.


  5. I + Mad. XD Nice one. I never knew cricket til the World Cup this year. I witnessed how desis are crazy over this single sport. And I would understand why. It's addictive. I watched every single match Pakistan had and it was whew, very breathtaking. Dreams cost you nothing. Don't stop doing it. :)

  6. why u think u cant have this dream... dont call it a desire and make it less worthy for work, its ur passion and passions come true... if u put ur heart in them...

    are u already old, or lost a foot or something that u think u cant have this dream... why have u given up, on it... if this is wat makes u happy then go back and start practicers again.... do it with real players then these caps... who knows u may end up having that dream along with many other things that are imp to u...

    but if u have found soemthing better for u... then its ok!

    keep it in ur life... take some coaching and keep on it... dont worry if it doesnt happen as u think it shud... or how anyone wants u to think abt it... if u like playing the game... it wont be a bad thing if u cant make it in the cricket team... it will be those days u will enjoy dreaming and playing ur best game thats wat will make u feel u enjoyed life here!

    good luck... and i loved this post and how u described ur passion!

    deewaney! but i am glad u r!

  7. ahem ahem ..! wat if i give u the add will you gimme HUGH's no??
    lolz anywayz mere post k baare me aapne ek line b nhi likhi..! n moreover ur dear dear crystal has already seen this comment rest is in b/w u 2..! :)
    an genelia looks like a 14 yr old and uski shaadi pakki ho gayi ae wid riteish so ..!
    u patao some one else..! :P
    coming to ur post ... pahle to aap eid ka chand typs blogger ae..! sept k strtng me ek post and den sept k end me ek post an beech me GOL.! :P
    anywayz ALLAH aap k mahan desires fulfill kare..!an yes may ...mind it may be i cheer fr u :P
    megan fox ahan..! chudail lagty ae wo..!
    u shud hav posters of genelia instead nhi:P :P :P
    an no one kisi ki himmat hi nhi ae aapki FAST BOWLING ko underestimate kare..!
    an ur buddau is coming
    gimme the cake..! :P okay..!!
    n tc..! :))

  8. @jyoti mishra : Yes Cricket is lovely game which always connects and unite the people of this country and yours too ;)

    Thankyou :)

    @crystal :
    Hahaha tmhe Megan Fox ki yad dila bhi di tou kia ? :P You have a crush on her too kia ? :P
    Hhahaha yeah bouncers walay se tou actually everyone can pick ;) You smart han ;)
    HAHAHAHA exactly my biggest wish to clean bowled sachin ;) :D haaa :D And thanyou for listening song ;) I"ll tell him you have fans of your songs across the border too ;) THANKS FOH THE READ :)

  9. Coming from Crystal's blog..
    n got to know It's ur b'day :)

    Happy B'day !!
    have loads of fun, giftz n b'day bombs too :D

    many many happy returns of the day !!

  10. Haw. I mad.
    I iz totally mad.

    Wherever you wrote cricket, I read Football.
    As much as you want to be a fast bowler, I want to be striker and play for Man.U.

    But yeah, at the end of the day,
    Hazzaaron khuaishain aisee kay har kuwahish pe daam niklye......

  11. @Jyoti mishra : Awww Thankyou so so much :) And its on 30th i.e tomorrow actually :D

    Thankyou again for the wish :)

  12. wait for the surprise @ 11;30 today..! :) read my bLOg..! :) raat me...! :P and follow me back on twitter iv sent u a req..! :)

  13. A very happy birthday to you. May have many more la la la lalala happy birthday to you :)

    i love eating food at the dead of night..i dont really understand this phenomena that i just suddenly become hungry at the middle of night and that hunger can b satisfied even with s mere says its genetic since dad does that too.

    Cool that u love cricket...who knows that maybe u are the next cricket star of the is the limit :)

  14. i love midnight snacks :D

    and well i playing cricket more than watching it, but i do watch matches, i dont mind ;)

    awesome post, truly showed ur passion and love abt it :D

  15. @ tariq : You are so right Hazaron khuahishien :(

    @aasiyah : haha thankyou..Yea it costs nothing thats why i give it a cover of my Imaginations too :D :D

    @Love : Thankyou so much for motivatiing me :) You are greaaaat..but the problem is that now i am 20 yrs old plus em doing my engineering..Its something for sports you got to leave everything and give it a full time which is indeed a risk and my parents and nobody would want me to take such risk...As i am studying in pAkistan no 1 engineering university so its degree is much of importance :)

  16. @Aman : Thankyouuuu :) :)

    @Suvaiba : shaadi turwao uski forun ritesh se :p :p
    hahaha nai bhai eid ka chand type nai hain...buss this university itni hectic doesnt give u time to write and then post :p

    and again thanks for the lovely surprise <3

  17. @Hamza : Boy then you must have felt it deeply...

    Exaclty this sports thing has so much passion and fame that you want it when you are so good at it...

    @Kiran : exactly same the middle of night i suddenly get hungry :p and thankyouu so much for that pray for a star thing :) <3 You guys are amazing..

  18. Hahahahahahahahahahaha uFFFFFffff i've tried sooooooo hard to like cricket but I've fialed ab bus baba *shrugs her shoulders*
    I mean sirf India aur Pakistan ka match hi mazae ka hota hai baqi tou har match mai tobahhhhhhhhhhhhh mai bore ho jati houn do hi bandoun ko to and fro pendulum ki tarhan bhagtae :P

    P.S I love playing cricket though wo b sirf batting part :P huhhhhh

  19. Cricket is just not my sport, I don't know why.
    So you're a cricket freak eh'?
    This was nice.

  20. Aliza : I know you like batting as most of the girls do like and you people keep on saying " Aik chance aur? :P "

    Yes there are many people who just watch India vs Pakistan..

    Uruj : Then whats your sport? I am a damn cricket freak and all those synonyms of freaks and mad :p


I am not wearing a Helmet :p