Sunday, 16 October 2011

When Everything Goes your Way !!...

 Hello everyone ! I know i am a once a in a blue moon kind of blogger.But seriously I cant help it because i have been into intense activities and plus my this semesters NOT SO GOOD schedule where I remain in uni for almost 12 hours everyday.

The two things that i am missing because of this all happening are :

1.BLOGGING :( ..I wanted to write so much and about so many things but i am not geting time plus i wanted

to read all your awesome posts and blogs and i couldnt be able to...

2.STUDIES :P..I actually want to study as this semester is going nowhere :/ I mean difficult subjects that demands time to get pass those :p ..I hope I get time for it too lol..Actually after so many classes you dont really want to study at home too :/...You dont feel like doing that..

Apart from these two EVERYTHING is going mY way :D :D And I am Extremely Glad and Happy :)

First i had an awesomatic Birthday :D  then a lot of cash was coming my way and finding place in my pocket and wallet :p and when you find around 600 rupees from the pocket of your old jeans aaahhh :D
The feeling when you get a lots of Cash out of nowhere :p

And then my hands start itching to spend them all in a waste as soon as i can :/ that's a biggest problem i have. Man i cant be a good Finance manager that's why i chose engineering and then i found non technicality in myself as well :p So umm its OK As long as i am passing all those subjects :D

Well I am new and a beginner designer I always say this to myself :) And i designed some posters and made some videos for my university's final year students NGO called as YOUTH FOR PEACE :) And Guyz i cant tell you the feeling you get when your designed posters are posted in different uni's :D Its Posted in LSE (Lahore school of economics and NUML and NUST ) :) So anyone from there can see those :D and others can visit my page and you will find there too :D

Then NUST(Em a NUSTian for all those who didnt knew :p ) is planning to have a Model United nations of it for the first time ALL PAKISTAN :) And I being the part of External relations team of it. Man all the work has to be done by this team :/..Well we are excited and we are on the way :D Its in january 2012 :D

For All Pakistani students I must say you all have to come in NUMUN 2012 :)

Then we had a Welcome few days back in our uni and i Hosted and anchored the show :D Well let me show you how i looked anchoring the show :p
MEEEEEEEE :D Anchoring the show ;)

This was an EPIC night. And Guess what i was the organizer too and i have been selected as a Executive Member in Students Society of My university. :D Man without an interview :D When all of them are selected as an interview and you are the only one which is selected by them by their own :D Cant describe you the feeling :D
The clip of the mail i got after coming back from Welcome :D

There are some planned hangouts with my friends in the near future and lot many offers to me as an IEEE photographer and blah blah :D Will update you all about that too.

For now Thankyou for reading my stuff and I rushed towards your Blogs for reading it :D

P.S : I'll be 5 blog awards next weekend :D this was i planned to give on 30th sep(on my bday) but i couldnt able to give. Hold your hearts all of you :p


  1. And you are also absent from my blog... :/ :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  2. Hahahahahaha the look on ur face is so Saru bechare juniors :p and Happy Belated Birthday :) meri b anae wali hai I hope that I get a lotttttttttt of cash and cool gifts on my bday :D

  3. @hamza
    thankyou boy :)

    i have visited and i missed your blog :)

    hahahah yar when u have to start the show sum nervousnes cumz to ur FAce for fEw seconds :p and unhI secoNds mien da fotographer tUk da pic :p
    thankyou for da wish :D and wen is yur bday? I hope u r a libran toO ? :p

  4. Ab tujhey Eid ka chaand award mileya thodi der mei. Kahaaa gaayab ho jaata hai? :O
    And wah wah, I saw that video you guys made. AWESOME tha. Inspiring.
    And ufo, alag alag colleges mei posters wosters. Mashallah! :D And yes, agree with Aliza. You look nervous in the picture, but I guess, aacha hi gaya hoega show. Keep shining! :D
    PS : That's a lot of money. *envy*

  5. yeah... things r goin your way :) life was designed to pack all its student in "tight schedule" box... n m goin through kind of same phase :(

    and 600 Rs from old jeans... lol if I get even 20Rs I get equally excited :P

    Enjoy your studies :)

  6. @crystal :
    hahahaha You know that kahan chala jata hun :p

    Oh thankyouuu :D :D ..

    I was nervous foh just few seconds..than BANG ON TARGET ;)

    Thankyou again crystal foh being a wonderful reader ;)

    :D Yes it is tough but it has its own charm isnt it?
    Hahahah i was Jumping pagalon ki tarhan when i get that 600Rupees ;)


  7. heyyy..!!
    finnaly a post... well i was away too..!
    but congrats for all the heavy weight age duties that just gives me a feeling that you will be away for a looooooooooooooong time again...!
    yes you get that award
    EID KA CHAND award..! :P :)
    yes getting money always gives you happiness..!
    hope your wallet overflows forever..! :))
    looking great in the pic..! :)
    and keep up the good show in ur collg
    on ur blog and most importantly IN YOUR LIFE..! :)

  8. EWwwwwwwwwwwwwww No im a Capricorn.... *Grins Goofily* :P and its on Dec 31st :P

  9. @suvaiba:
    You were away too ? chalo thats sumthing different :p
    WEll you are actually rite. These all will make me away for long again..
    Hahaha EId ka chand is something very unique :p Everybody waits for it ;)
    Awww Thankyou so much for all those wishes :)

    @Aliza :
    Dun need to say eeewww if you are a capricorn :P Koi baat nai :P

  10. Hahahaha gee nae i said Ewwww cuz u made me a libran Huhhh

  11. "600 rupees from the pocket of your old jeans", this is pretty awesome!
    Congratulations for that Executive Member thing!

  12. Congratulations :)
    I love it when I find crumbled notes from my jeans :D But yes, they are spent the moment I get them :P

  13. Aliza : Well there is nothing about Librans to be ewww about it :p Trust me ;)

    Jyoti : :D

    Uruj : Thankyou :) Though now i have organized some of the events being that member :p GOD Its been so long i even opened my Blog.

    Philo : Hahaha it happens :D


I am not wearing a Helmet :p