Thursday, 1 September 2011

Shughal Vs Tafreeh !!..

I lived in Karachi too and i have been living in Rawalpindi presently. The concepts and thinking between the people living in Karachi and Punjab ( I"ll call all punjabis) for each other is sometimes very disgusting and give you the sense of so much Rift between them.

I can even call this feeling of them for each other as HATRED.

When the people had fun in Karachi and they enjoy 'laugh they say it "Tafreeh" and when the people living in Punjab had these moments they say it "Shughal" ( Well when i first came to rwp i came to know exaclty whats shughal is :/ lol :P ) and believe me there is no difference at all in enjoying and laughing at both the places :D Its the FUN which counts at the end of the day.

Similarly there are many such words ' phrases 'acts which are spoken and done differently but there is not a single difference when it comes to the exact meaning of it :)

Karachi : Khabar(graveyard) , Kheema etc ( Its the "Kh" that produces the sound of "Nuktey wala kaaf" Urdu letter that has "kha" sound too in it)

Punjab : Kabar , Keema etc ( Its the "Ka" sound that they produce for the same letter of Urdu)

Now they both make fun of each other providing there own reasons. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL ? Grow up think of something for betterment of relations and unity rather than so much into all these.

Karachi : They sleep late and you can find any shop and anything lately at night.

Punjab : Most of the times they sleep early (In rural areas i would say) And there shops closes earlier than in Karachi.

Now they will make fun You people are owls :P and in reply they will say you people are backward :P Hahaha i mean COME ON :D

Stop it and move on.
Karachi : Its a city of Lights and surely lot of things happen in Karachi ( I am talking about their HAALAAT)

Punjab : Its a very peaceful province ' Rather i would say its the PEACE in its atmosphere not a very Fast Life as compared to Karachi.

Now they both will argue that "Pata nai karachi mien log kese rehte hain everytime Firing and havoc situation"..and from karachi side you"ll hear " People living in Punjab are Zombies and its a place like a graveyard, So much silence and boring place"...Haha I mean I dont understand what is the benefit in fighting like this ?

There are numerous numerous issues and things you will find and they fight on that hence these small issues created a BIG GAP and feeling of discomfort and Hatred for each other.

I have observed the people of both the places and that lead me to write it all.

I am being specifically Mahajir but Pakistani and as a neutral person who have been at both the places can really tell you people that BELIEVE ME living in both the Places are AWESOME :)

THERE ARE NO DIFFERENCES AMONG US. We have created those by ourselves. Take it as that WE HAVE A RICH CULTURE :D The diversity is not the differences For GOD SAKE. Its our beauty and we should love all of it :)

I will request all Punjabis' Sindhis' Pakhtoons'balochis' Mahajirs etc Please Be PAKISTANIS and continue the Sense of Brotherhood and Unity even after this EID :) and For God Sake Move on NOW !

As in Eid you get Unity all around without any Place Issues. I hope we maintain this all the year. :)

By the way "Eid Mubarak to all of you" :)


  1. I loved reading this post.
    You are absolutely right.

    There are no major differences between us. Except for the accent. Karachites have a flat and fast accent whereas Punjabis most/some of them have this 'pain-do' accent.

    Unity is surely the key to success.

    As I once said at my blog;

    "Sindhi Balouchi,Pathan,Muhajirs,
    Aren't we all Muslims,not Ka'afirs ?
    Then why kill each other at any price,
    In Karachi,the City of Vice.'

    Eid Mubarak to you !

  2. I am glad you loved reading it :)

    Yea Exactly. Its just we have so many different kinds of beautiful people with their beautiful and rich Cultures and Style.

    We should be Proud of all.

    Khair Mubarak :)

    And Welcome to my BLOG :)

  3. dude, u conveyed the message in the best way..
    here is my hat, and now its off,
    hats off to this post. :D

  4. totally love, love, loved it =D

    i live in khi, nd im from lahore. and it totally doesnt make me biased. i love all the provinces, all the people, and all pakistan =D

  5. hats off for pointing it out!!! i myself have written a post on this issue that why do we hate each other so much. even this whole sectarian thing is bad as well.i am from an urdu-speaking family but some of my family lives in lhr n whenever i go there..i too have felt a kind of rift....the same which is present in khi as well. WTH we are all Pakistanis yar when are we going to understand this fact!!!

  6. Positive inspirational write-up of yours is commendable.
    There is a need of unity on the basis of being Pakistanis.
    Ehtnicity is a beauty too but all ethnic values merged into a single one will be good idea. "United we stand; devided we fall.
    Don't let the enemy divide us any longer because we have to stand up for the survival of Pakistan.

  7. @ateeq :

    Thankyou buddy :)

    @mahnoor :

    Oh then thats pretty awesome :D , everyone should follow you in this.

    Thankyou for loving the post :)

    @Kiran :

    You are right. When we are going to understand this fact. We hope this rift fly away soon.

    Thankyou :)

    @tariq :

    YES "united we stand ; divided we fall " Absolutely right :)

    Thankyou :)

  8. The accent of a language changes everywhere. There's nothing to laugh about it that!
    People just need a reason to poke fun. And they don't understand that they are just making a fool out of themselves!
    Why don't you post some pictures of Karachi sometime? I would love to see what it is like :) Never been to Punjab nor Karachi :P

    It's my first visit to your blog. Eid Mubarak to you :)
    I love your blog. The content, everything.
    Keep writing :) Take Care!

  9. Different people and so are their ways.
    It happens in India too.
    Like people from different communities often make fun of other community's accent.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. @Philo
    You are absolutely right :) they are making a fool out of themselves.
    Haha Sure i will make you see KARACHI :P.
    Btw If you havent been to both places, where you live ?

    Thanks for your lovely visit. I welcome you here :)
    Khair Mubarak :)

    @Sunakshi :
    Yes it happens everywhere but it always lead you to some kind of MESS. The intentions must not be serious then.

    My first follower from INDIA. I welcome you :)

  11. very true...although inspite of being a karichite i call it kabristan:PPP...nt khabristan:P
    loved the was definitly food for thought:)
    keep up the good work...its youth like u who would bring a change in pakistan agai jakai:)

  12. Hahah its not all the "KHA" sound in khabristan. But a little "Kha" with "ka" very difficult to pronounce :P

    And ooopss What a compliment :)

    Thankyou :)

  13. Love eeeeett!!! Nice to know :) I always wished I were Pakistani (preferably Karachite lol). I just adore the entire culture, people and especially the FOOD *so spicy*!Tehe ^_^


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  15. Very well written :D

    Portrays the whole thing!

    Keep blogging!


  16. eid mubarak to u 2!
    hav had frns frm both karachi n punjab n im my opinion dey r both amaaaaazing folks.
    i gues its jus a few people who hav a backward thinkin n creating problems or differences fr evryone.
    *i dont kno wats shughal* :((

  17. @Sadiya : Yes all Pakistanis are awesome :)

    Hahaha because may be you havent been in punjab kabhi. And even if u dont know you can see i have explained what it is :p

    @RidX : :) Thankyou and thankyou for following :)

  18. Gee I am from Lucknow and a the number of times I screw up Kh kha, K is epic. All after, Lucknow being famous for talaffuz and clarity of speech and all that ..
    and isn't Khabar Kabra? Like Qabra actually?
    GOD you confused me now , Imad ! Thank you very much :/
    And this is super duper late, but Eid mubaraaaaakaaa :D


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