Sunday, 28 August 2011


Yea I DID it :D I am Unique ;)
Who you are ?

You are UNIQUE :)

How ?

Because you have those number of talents and powers that ALLAH has Gifted you.

There is a factor that makes your talents unique from others and everybody has that factor.

Na na ! Wait dont think you are not unique because everyone is unique in its own way :) but many of us doesnt explore that uniqueness factor that we all have.

It could be your values 'It could be the way you think ' the way you observe ' the way you love ' the way you explore things ' the way you adopt things ' the way you do any sort of thing and it could be unique , Believe me :)

Like the way you LOOK by face is always different from others. Similarly there are several hidden things that are unique in yourself and YOU GOTA EXPLORE IT BABY !!...

Why every SUPER HERO is different from other ? You can see SPIDER MAN does not have the power SUPER MAN Has 'Because they have different talents but they can do the same thing using those powers and that is KICKING ON THE ASSES OF ALL THE EVILS ..

This time victory is only mine.

Do not always wish to be like "SOMEONE" or copy "SOMEONE" rather get inspiration from the principles and attitude of that person which will help you in identifying that unique factor in your ownself and you will become a person that others will wish to follow :D

Yes ofcourse many people can have the same talents but there will always be some uniqueness in everyone's talent :D

Like Wasim Akram has no match with Imran Khan and vice versa but they had the same talent of "BOWLING FAST" in cricket and they are bloody LEGENDS of their times yet they are unique in their own way :)

But Wasim Akram used to follow Imran Khan and he followed the enthusiasm 'the hard work 'the commitement and you can see the result.

Aisam ul Haq Qureshi Can never be like Rafael Nadal but He is an awesome player in his own way that he can even beat Nadal.

If everyone would have been EXACLTY 100 % same ' No body could beat the other and no body could lose or win.

The conclusion is never lose hope ' never think you are inferior and STAND UP ! Explore your talents and give your devotion and commitments in polishing those talents that will lead you to the heights of success.

Each one of us is "ASHRAFUL MAKHLOOKAAT"(the best of Creation) and hence We all can achieve anything :D .

And always Be Thankful to ALLAH for it .


  1. I'm UNIQUE :D


    NICE POST :]

  2. A motivational post... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  3. *feels unique*

    extremely motivational =)

  4. Ifra : Haha Yes you are ;)

    Thankyou :)

    Asma : My Blog is all about motivation and inspiration ;) Thankyou !

    Mahnoor : Thats what i wanted to make you all feel :D
    Thanks a bunch.

  5. All persons are born with God gifted talents-- Yet some realize it while some ignore the gifted quality and waste inherent quality.
    **Self recognition takes you closer to GOD, the Creator.********
    [APNEY MANN MAIN DOOB KER PAAJAA SURAGH-e-Zindgee---- tou ger meraa nahee bantaa naa benn apnaa tou benn](Allama Iqbal)
    Ma shaAllah, you have motivational quality-- please use it wisely to motivate others..

    You may join my site--I am joining yours.

    Nice meeting you.

  6. Your addition with that Allama Iqbal Shair really gives the strength to my point of view.

    You have been an awesome follower :)

    Yes i will InshALLAH keep motivating and inspiring people as blog is all about this :)

    Yes i have followed you.

    Thankyou :)

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  8. Comparison and competition, these words aren't present in my dictionary.
    Nicely written.

  9. Competition is not bad. Comparison is..

    Thankyou :)


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